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We are a team of people from different backgrounds and expertise. We are the right mix of tech and non-tech people whose aim is to bring about a difference in the society by impacting at the right place – education. We are on the road to change education in a way that helps current students and future citizens safeguard their means of livelihood by becoming the creators and rulers of Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

EduTronics is trying to transform education by bringing it closer to reality and life. We want students to be makers and learners, not just readers and learners. We work with all stakeholders in the education industry, and if you are one, we would love to get in touch with you.

We also conduct Robotics Workshops for corporates as a recreational and team-building activity. The idea here is that recreation doesn't always have to be a movie or a team lunch or drinks and party. It can be something that is fun and also adds value to people. Why not do something unconventional and exciting?


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STEM Education

Edutronics aims at helping students tap into their creative potential with the help of technology. We have created a highly competitive and interesting year-long curriculum focusing on Robotics, Electronics, Mechanics and Computer Programming for Grades 3-12. We integrate our curriculum with the existing methods and content that is taught at our partner schools and make learning more fun and practical. Students understand and learn a lot more when they work on projects and apply the knowledge that they have to create innovative designs and products.

Under our STEM program, we set up a Makerspace at your school, provide our highly skilled and trained teachers to implement the curriculum and take care of all the requirements around the STEM program - including materials and participation at Robotics competitions.

Our year-long program starts from INR 5000/MYR 1500/SGD 1000/THB 5000/AED 1500 per student per year. To explore how you can add value to your school/college through our programs, please reach out to us now.


We have designed various projects that allow students to learn Robotics. We conduct workshops at schools, colleges and independently to teach students about Robotics through various projects and concepts.

  1. Arduino Powered Automatic Car
  2. Quadcopter with Arduino Programming
  3. 4×4×4 3D LED Cube with Arduino Programming
  4. Self balancing bot with Arduino Programming
  5. Internet of Things

Team-building Workshops for Corporates

For corporates, we offer half or 1-day Robotics workshop as a part of recreational/team building activity.

How this helps the organization:

Fun, exciting, creative, unconventional activity. This is something that people haven't done before. It allows employees to shed their usual thought process, allow creativity to kick in and un-mundane their life at the workplace.

A lot of learning. All our projects are based on Arduino, which is an open-source platform. We teach the basics of Arduino programming in the workshop, which the employees can build on and create stuff on their own - for themselves or the organization.

Team building, cross-vertical engagement. Our workshops are designed in such a way that anyone and everyone can participate. Nobody is required to have previous knowledge of programming or electronics. By creating teams of people from different verticals, they get to interact and work with each other. This translates into better management and communication across teams and verticals in everyday life at the workplace.

The projects that we offer for corporate workshops are:

  1. Arduino Powered Automatic Car
  2. Quadcopters
  3. IoT (Internet of Things)
  4. 10×20 LED Frame

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